Finding Family

My family is another aspect of my identity that shapes how I view the world around me.

God and my #ancestors continue to be with me through this family search journey.

After church service, I picked up my daughter from children's church and walked over to my wife because she was serving at the volunteer desk. This is a regular routine for us and usually one woman Ms. Wanda always gives my daughter a hug and asks how she is doing.

We were at the desk, and I was looking at my phone while my wife took the little one to the potty, I kept getting a nudge to engage Ms. Wanda. So I asked Ms. Wanda where she was from and she said Mississippi. I jokingly said we may be related. I mentioned my dad was from McComb, MS and then I asked her family names. She listed a few, and I gave a few as well. There was one name that stood out to me which was Wall.

As she was speaking with someone else who stopped by, I pulled up my app and started looking through the family tree list. I scrolled down, and there were the Walls! Once she finished, I showed her and asked if any of the names look familiar. To both of our surprise, she started listing quite a few people on the tree and how they are related to her. At that moment we realized we were indeed cousins!!

We share our great great grandparents Squire and Viney Anderson. We attend a large church, so what are the odds that my wife would pick that role to serve in, and my daughter would latch on to the one person at the desk that we are actually related to?!

If you are someone who is thinking about researching and looking into your family history, do it!! I have found out so much about my family and it is indeed empowering.

The theme for our family reunion next year is "THE FORCE IS STRONG IN OUR FAMILY" and this Sunday, that proved to be true!! My ultimate goal is to see if I can find a relative in #Ghana or somewhere on the African continent. After this experience, I believe it is possible because God and my #ancestors continue to be with me through this family search journey.

#Identity #Family #Connection

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