One of the people from history I would like to meet and have a conversation with is Malcolm X. I read his autobiography when I was a teenager and his story and journey has continued to stick with me. In my view, he was someone who embodied the idea of evolution.

Malcolm X started out as Detroit Red and was involved in a life of crime and women, which ultimately landed him in prison. Although he didn’t have a formal education, he used this time in prison to become in my opinion one of the most well-read and intelligent men during his time. Additionally, prison is where one of his transformations took place – he converted to Islam.

Once released Malcolm X spoke out against injustices. He had what many people would call radical views, but those changed once he took his pilgrimage to Mecca, which was another evolution. Although he was still fighting for the same cause, his approach was much different. These are just a few ways in which he made various transformations in his life.

I like to use his life as an example of how things can change if I’m not where I want to be. As I look back over my life I can see I am not the same person I was as a teenager, nor a college student, and as a husband and dad, I continue to go through another evolution.

I believe this also applies to our professional life as well. I went to college thinking I was going to be in business and over time I have realized my passion was geared toward being an educator and a facilitator of cultural understanding and personal growth.

The takeaway from this post is to remember you are an evolving person. Who you are today is more than likely not who you were a year ago. Each and every day you have an opportunity to grow and evolve. Just as a seed matures into beautiful flower, so too will you!

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